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Rifts & The Megaverse:The Art of John Zeleznik

Hundreds of pencil sketches and preliminary drawings, alternate color sketches, and beautiful full color reproductions of the final works.

Rifts® and the Megaverse® is the most expansive and beautiful collection of John Zeleznik’s masterful paintings and drawings ever collected.

A must for fans of Palladium Books or John Zeleznik, budding artists and anyone who enjoys science fiction and fantasy art. A great X-Mas gift. Gorgeous. (Also check out the Collector's Masterwork Limited Edition.)

Under Construction

if there’s a specific piece you are interested in drop me an email

Unless otherwise noted all images © 1987-2012 John Zeleznik.

Use without express written permission of the copyright holder is strictly forbidden.

Thank you for your respect of artists’ rights.

Vertical Curvz mini-portfolio  $29.00

Limited to 1000 sets. Accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity

This 10 Card Mini-Portfolio features sensuous females spanning the spectrum of Science Fiction and Fantasy, from a graceful elven beauty and her albino dragon companion to gun toting women of determination.

Contained in a custom Die-Cut box that allows the top image to peek thru. Each card measures 3.5” x 8.5”  and is printed on high quality cardstock.

RiftsworkZ Portfolio       $29.00

Limited to 2000 sets. Accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This portfolio features six of Zeleznik’s dynamic cover art from Palladium Books’ RIFTS© RPG. It includes covers from Rifts© japan, War Campaign, Pantheons of the Megaverse©, Rifts Underseas©, Psyscapes and Juicers

Contained in a custom clear slip case, each card measures 11” x 14”  and is printed on high quality stock.

The John Zeleznik fantasy Pin-up 2011 Calendar                                       $10.00

No one captures the elusive beauty of a dangerous woman quite like Zeleznik, and this calendar proves it all year long! His atmospheric pin-ups span the galaxy from gun-wielding bounty hunters to seductive she-nymphs to elegantly portrayed supermodels. Fans of sci-fi and pin-ups alike will rejoice all year long as Zeleznik's imagination and considerable artistic talents keep these ladies fresh and original for twelve long months.

The John Zeleznik Collector’s Rifts® Coloring Book™                               $5.00

A Palladium Books® 25th Anniversary Special.

A coloring book created from the pencil drawings for the many painted covers he has done for Palladium Books. Include concept sketches as well as other line artwork blown up to 8 ½ x 11 and truly suitable for coloring. Buy two, one to keep as a collectable and one to color with markers, crayons, watercolor or colored pencils.Good reproduction on quality paper.

Created and designed by John Zeleznik.

Zeleznik Sketches & Drawings 1                               $5.00

Zeleznik Sketches & Drawings 2                              $5.00

Lightstrike: The collected illustrations  of John Zeleznik


John Zeleznik has one of the most vivid artistic visions in science-fiction and fantasy art today. Fans know his work from Shadowrun and RIFTS, as well as GURPS Robots, Reign of Steel, Vehicles, Ogre, Atomic Horror, and many others. Cartouche Press is proud to bring Lightstrike: The Art of John Zeleznik to lovers of cool art everywhere.

Hardcover, 64 pages.

Suggested retail price $26.95

ISBN 1-55634-560-7

John Zeleznik 2006 Calendar     $10.00

ISBN: 978-1-932413-30-4

ISBN-10: 1-932413-30-8